Implementing precision cancer medicine in the genomic era.

Chen HZ, Bonneville R, Roychowdhury S
Semin Cancer Biol 55 16-27 04/01/2019


The utilization of genomic data to direct treatment for cancer patients represents the central tenet in precision oncology, in which a patient is matched to a specific drug or therapy based on the genetic drivers detected in his or her tumor rather than the tumor's histologic classification. The expected but not always realized outcomes of molecularly matched therapies include increased response rates, more durable responses, deeper responses, and decreased number of therapy-related side effects. In this review, we will discuss different facets of utilizing genomic data to direct the increasingly complex care of cancer patients. We discuss the enlarging compendium of actionable genomic alterations and the development of novel molecular diagnostic assays for clinical application. Finally, we present an overview of the growing number of genomics-driven clinical trials and conclude with a discussion of future challenges in the implementation of precision oncology.

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