KTN0158, a Humanized Anti-KIT Monoclonal Antibody, Demonstrates Biologic Activity against both Normal and Malignant Canine Mast Cells.

London CA, Gardner HL, Rippy S, Post G, La Perle K, Crew L, Lopresti-Morrow L, Garton AJ, McMahon G, LaVallee TM, Gedrich R
Clin Cancer Res 23 2565-2574 05/15/2017


KTN0158 is a novel anti-KIT antibody that potently inhibits wild-type and mutant KIT. This study evaluated the safety, biologic activity, and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics profile of KTN0158 in dogs with spontaneous mast cell tumors (MCT) as a prelude to human clinical applications.

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