Liposomes Incorporating Transferrin and Stearic Acid-modified Octa-arginine for siRNA Delivery.

Yang D, Yang X, Lee RJ, Liu S, Xie J
Anticancer Res 37 1759-1764 01/01/2017


Liposomes incorporating stearic acid-modified octa-arginine (StA-R8) and conjugated to transferrin (Tf) were synthesized and evaluated for delivery of small interfering RNA (siRNA) against survivin. Characteristics, cytotoxicity, cellular uptake and biological activity of liposomes complexed to survivin siRNA were investigated. Tf-conjugated liposomes were shown to have reduced cytotoxicity and improved delivery efficiency for siRNA into cancer cells compared to non-conjugated StA-R8 liposomes. These data suggest that Tf-conjugated StA-R8 liposomes are promising vehicles for siRNA delivery in cancer therapy.

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