Multimodal Imaging and Clinicopathologic Correlation in Primary Uveal Lymphoma.

Erickson B, Mantopoulos D, Schoenfield L, Cebulla CM
Case Rep Ophthalmol 7 39-43 01/01/2016


PURPOSE: We report a rare case of primary uveal lymphoma and characterize it using histopathology and multimodal imaging.

PATIENT AND METHODS: A 41-year-old male presented with a 2-year history of increasingly blurry vision in his right eye and no systemic symptoms. Examination revealed a retinal detachment and mass lesion in the right eye. Radiologic and histologic testing was performed.

RESULTS: Multimodal imaging localized the lesion to the choroid, and fine needle aspiration biopsy diagnosed the lesion as a low-grade B-cell lymphoma. The patient was treated with external beam radiation, resulting in regression of the mass and resolution of the retinal detachment.

CONCLUSIONS: Primary uveal lymphoma is a rare, usually indolent tumor that carries a good prognosis. In this case, we show that primary uveal lymphoma has distinct findings via histopathology and multimodal imaging, and that imaging after radiation treatment documents disease regression.

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