Nano-channel of viral DNA packaging motor as single pore to differentiate peptides with single amino acid difference.

Ji Z, Kang X, Wang S, Guo P
Biomaterials 182 227-233 11/01/2018


Detection, differentiation, mapping, and sequencing of proteins are important in proteomics for the assessment of cell development such as protein methylation or phosphorylation as well as the diagnosis of diseases including metabolic disorder, mental illness, immunological ailments, and malignant cancers. Nanopore technology has demonstrated the potential for the sequencing or sensing of DNA, RNA, chemicals, or other macromolecules. Due to the diversity of protein in shape, structure and charge and the composition versatility of 20 amino acids, the sequencing of proteins remains challenging. Herein, we report the application of the channel of bacteriophage T7 DNA packaging motor for the differentiation of an assortment of peptides of a single amino acid difference. Explicit fingerprints or signatures were obtained based on current blockage and dwell time of individual peptide. Data from the clear mapping of small proteins after protease digestion suggests the potential of using T7 motor channel for proteomics including protein sequencing.

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