Pasteurella multocida ecthyma complicated by necrotizing fasciitis.

Milani-Nejad N, Tyler K, Grieco CA, Kaffenberger BH
Dermatol Online J 23 04/15/2017


Necrotizing fasciitis is a serious infection of the skin and soft tissues. Pasteurella multocida is rarely reported to cause necrotizing fasciitis and is associated with high mortality. We describe a female patient with a past medical history of diabetes mellitus and myeloproliferative disorder presenting with bullae and erythema of the right forearm secondary to P. multocida infection after possible cat bite. Despite adequate antibiotic coverage she developed necrotizing fasciitis diagnosed clinically and on diagnostic imaging. Patient was taken to the operating room emergently and underwent irrigation and debridement with subsequent split-skin graft. She recovered well after the surgeries and was discharge on intravenous antibiotics. At clinic follow-up, her wounds were healing well without any significant new symptoms.

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