Retrospective analysis of bendamustine and rituximab use in indolent and mantle cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma based on initial starting dose.

Bond DA, Huang Y, Ruppert AS, Walker AR, Dotson EK, Roddy J, Blum KA, Christian BA
Leuk Lymphoma 58 1589-1597 07/01/2017


The initial dose of bendamustine, an alkylating agent used in treating indolent lymphoma (iNHL) and mantle cell lymphoma, is variable in clinical practice. 134 patients treated with bendamustine and rituximab were evaluated for starting dosage, patient characteristics, toxicities, and clinical outcome. The starting dosage ranged from 50 to 90?mg/m(2). Lower starting dosage (<90?mg/m(2)) was associated with relapsed disease, increased age and worse performance status (PS), histologic subtype other than follicular lymphoma, baseline renal impairment, and cytopenias. No significant difference was observed in toxicities between patients treated with 90?mg/m(2) compared with lower doses. The starting dose of 90?mg/m(2) was associated with a higher complete response rate (56% vs. 29%) and longer progression free survival (PFS) (39.5 months vs. 19.7 months). However, in a multivariable model, the higher starting dose was not associated with longer PFS in those with similar age, histology, PS, and number of prior therapies.

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