RNA nanoparticles harboring annexin A2 aptamer can target ovarian cancer for tumor-specific doxorubicin delivery.

Pi F, Zhang H, Li H, Thiviyanathan V, Gorenstein DG, Sood AK, Guo P
Nanomedicine 13 1183-1193 01/01/2017


A novel modified nucleic acid nanoparticle harboring an annexin A2 aptamer for ovarian cancer cell targeting and a GC rich sequence for doxorubicin loading is designed and constructed. The system utilizes a highly stable three-way junction (3WJ) motif from phi29 packaging RNA as a core structure. A phosphorothioate-modified DNA aptamer targeting annexin A2, Endo28, was conjugated to one arm of the 3WJ. The pRNA-3WJ motif retains correct folding of attached aptamer, keeping its functions intact. It is of significant utility for aptamer-mediated targeted delivery. The DNA/RNA hybrid nanoparticles remained intact after systemic injection in mice and strongly bound to tumors with little accumulation in healthy organs 6 h post-injection. The Endo28-3WJ-Sph1/Dox intercalates selectively enhanced toxicity to annexin A2 positive ovarian cancer cells in vitro. The constructed RNA/DNA hybrid nanoparticles can potentially enhance the therapeutic efficiency of doxorubicin at low doses for ovarian cancer treatment through annexin A2 targeted drug delivery.

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