ROR1-targeted delivery of OSU-2S, a nonimmunosuppressive FTY720 derivative, exerts potent cytotoxicity in mantle-cell lymphoma in vitro and in vivo.

Mani R, Chiang CL, Frissora FW, Yan R, Mo X, Baskar S, Rader C, Klisovic R, Phelps MA, Chen CS, Lee RJ, Byrd JC, Baiocchi R, Lee LJ, Muthusamy N
Exp Hematol 43 770-4.e2 09/01/2015


Mantle-cell lymphoma (MCL) remains incurable despite numerous therapeutic advances. OSU-2S, a novel nonimmunosuppressive FTY720 (Fingolimod) derivative, exhibits potent cytotoxicity in MCL cell lines and primary cells. OSU-2S increased the surface expression of CD74, a therapeutic antibody target in MCL cells. OSU-2S, in combination with anti-CD74 antibody milatuzumab, enhanced cytotoxicity in MCL. Moreover, MCL tumor antigen receptor tyrosine kinase-like orphan receptor 1 (ROR1) targeted immunonanoparticle-carrying OSU-2S (2A2-OSU-2S-ILP)-mediated selective cytotoxicity of MCL in vitro, as well as activity in a xenografted mouse model of MCL in vivo. The newly developed OSU-2S delivery using ROR1-directed immunonanoparticles provide selective targeting of OSU-2S to MCL and other ROR1(+) malignancies, sparing normal B cells.

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