Social Stress Mobilizes Hematopoietic Stem Cells to Establish Persistent Splenic Myelopoiesis.

McKim DB, Yin W, Wang Y, Cole SW, Godbout JP, Sheridan JF
Cell Rep 25 2552-2562.e3 11/27/2018


Psychosocial stress accelerates myelopoietic production of monocytes and neutrophils that contributes to a variety of health complications ranging from atherosclerosis to anxiety. Here, we show that social stress in mice mobilizes hematopoietic stem progenitor cells (HSPCs) from the bone marrow that enter circulation, engraft into the spleen, and establish a persistent extramedullary hematopoietic depot. These splenic progenitors actively proliferate and differentiate into multiple cell types, including monocytes, neutrophils, and erythrocytes. Splenic erythropoiesis partially abrogates stress-induced anemia. Repeated injection with isoprenaline induces progenitor mobilization to the spleen, identifying a key role for β-adrenergic signaling. Moreover, protracted splenic production of CD11b

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