Sparse Detector Configuration in SiPM Digital Photon Counting PET: a Feasibility Study.

Zhang J, Knopp MI, Knopp MV
Mol Imaging Biol in press 08/09/2018


PURPOSE: To investigate the minimum number of SiPM detectors required for solid-state digital photon counting (DPC) oncologic whole-body 2-deoxy-2-[

PROCEDURES: A DPC PET/CT (Vereos, Philips) with 23,040 1-to-1 crystal-to-detector couplings was utilized. [

RESULTS: One hundred twelve lesions (d = 10 to 95 mm) were analyzed in the patient population. All lesions remained visible and were demonstrated without compromised image quality under all BMIs in the 50 % sparse detector configurations despite the DPC PET system sensitivity reduction to 1/4th. An excellent consistency of SUV

CONCLUSIONS: The feasibility of either expanding the axial field of view (FOV) by a factor of two or halving the number of detectors was demonstrated for solid-state digital photon counting PET, thus either potentially enabling cost reduction or extended effective axial FOV without increased cost.

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