Standardization and Innovation in Paving a Path to a Better Future: An Update of Activities in ISO/TC276/WG2 Biobanks and Bioresources.

Furuta K, Allocca CM, Schacter B, Bledsoe MJ, Ramirez NC
Biopreserv Biobank 16 23-27 02/01/2018


Recent advances in biotechnology are making it possible to advance science and improve healthcare with increasing speed and precision. Biobanking, as a foundation of the biotechnology infrastructure, is critical to the assurance of quality for many of the key components for these advancing technologies in both the human and nonhuman domains. Biobanking must advance to support the increased complexity and required precision needs of biological resources. Standards development can provide an important link for the research and development community by providing tools to ensure quality, fitness-for-purpose, and reproducibility in biobanking. ISBER has been developing the ISBER Best Practices revision. At the same time, ISO/TC276/ WG2 has been developing an International Standard (IS) ISO/DIS 20387 General requirements for biobanking standard. It is important that ISBER and ISO/TC276/WG2 harmonize and/or align their products to enable members of the diverse biobanking community to tailor their own suite of tools to support their specific needs. The availability of both standards and best practices that are complementary will maximize available support for all biobanks. The increased availability of complementary standards, tools, and best practices will facilitate the path to new biotechnology advances and a better future.

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