Synthesis and screening of one-bead-one-compound cyclic peptide libraries.

Qian Z, Upadhyaya P, Pei D
Methods Mol Biol 1248 39-53 01/01/2015


Cyclic peptides have been a rich source of biologically active molecules. Herein we present a method for the combinatorial synthesis and screening of large one-bead-one-compound (OBOC) libraries of cyclic peptides against biological targets such as proteins. Up to ten million different cyclic peptides are rapidly synthesized on TentaGel microbeads by the split-and-pool synthesis method and subjected to a multistage screening protocol which includes magnetic sorting, on-bead enzyme-linked and fluorescence-based assays, and in-solution binding analysis of cyclic peptides selectively released from single beads by fluorescence anisotropy. Finally, the most active hit(s) is identified by the partial Edman degradation-mass spectrometry (PED-MS) method. This method allows a single researcher to synthesize and screen up to ten million cyclic peptides and identify the most active ligand(s) in ~1 month, without the time-consuming and expensive hit resynthesis or the use of any special equipment.

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