Targeted Chemotherapy in Bone and Soft-Tissue Sarcoma.

Harwood JL, Alexander JH, Mayerson JL, Scharschmidt TJ
Orthop Clin North Am 46 587-608 10/01/2015


Historically surgical intervention has been the mainstay of therapy for bone and soft-tissue sarcomas, augmented with adjuvant radiation for local control. Although cytotoxic chemotherapy revolutionized the treatment of many sarcomas, classic treatment regimens are fraught with side effects while outcomes have plateaued. However, since the approval of imatinib in 2002, research into targeted chemotherapy has increased exponentially. With targeted therapies comes the potential for decreased side effects and more potent, personalized treatment options. This article reviews the evolution of medical knowledge regarding sarcoma, the basic science of sarcomatogenesis, and the major targets and pathways now being studied.

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