Tat-Tagged and Folate-Modified N-Succinyl-chitosan (Tat-Suc-FA) Self-assembly Nanoparticle for Therapeutic Delivery OGX-011 to A549 Cells.

Yan C, Gu J, Jing H, Taishi J, Lee RJ
Mol Pharm 14 1898-1905 01/05/2017


The objective of this study was to develop a novel type of an antisense oligonucleotide (OGX-011) loaded Tat-tagged and folate-modified N-succinyl-chitosan (Tat-Suc-FA) nanoparticles (NPs) for improving tumor targetability. In this study, Tat-Suc-FA/OGX-011NPs were prepared and its physicochemical characterizations were also evaluated. The nanoparticles showed an average diameter of 73 ± 16.6 nm, the zeta potential of +23.6 ± 0.3 mV, and a high entrapment efficiency of 89.6 ± 6.6%. Transmission electron microscopy analysis showed the nanoparticles were mostly spherical and well dispersed. The delivery efficiency of this system was investigated both in vitro and in vivo. In comparison with nontargeted Lipofectamin2000/OGX-011 and free OGX-011, Tat-Suc-FA/GOX-011 showed the highest apoptosis rate of 14.2% ± 1.8% and significant uptake in A549 cells. Tat-Suc-FA NPs loaded with GOX-011 induced significant down-regulation of s-CLU mRNA and protein levels in A549 cells. In A549 tumor-bearing mice model, Tat-Suc-FA/GOX-011 produced a more efficient down-regulation of s-CLU compared to Lipofectamin2000/OGX-011. Furthermore, the combined use of Tat-Suc-FA/OGX-011 with DDP chemotherapy showed a most significant inhibition of tumor growth and greatly enhanced the survival rate of A549 tumor-bearing mice. These findings suggested successful application of Tat-Suc-FA NPs for the high efficiency and specificity in therapeutic delivery of OGX-011 to A549 cells.

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