Transferrin-conjugated liposomes loaded with novel dihydroquinoline derivatives as potential anticancer agents.

Wang M, Lee RJ, Bi Y, Li L, Yan G, Lu J, Meng Q, Teng L, Xie J
PLoS One 12 e0186821 01/01/2017


A series of 1,2-dihydroquinoline derivatives were synthesized and evaluated for cytotoxicity in HeLa, Hep G2 and 6HEK-293T cell lines. EEDQ2 was identified as a promising anti-cancer agent with low IC50 in HeLa (18.55μg/ml) and Hep G2 (14.53μg/ml) cells. For improving the antitumor activity and tumor selectivity of EEDQ2, we prepared transferrin (Tf)-modified liposomes (LPs) to deliver EEDQ2. When HeLa and Hep G2 cells were treated with LP-delivered EEDQ2, the ROS level was significantly enhanced, and mitochondrial membrane potential was reversed. Tf-LPs improved cell uptake of EEDQ2 by about 3.7 times compared with non-targeted LPs. These data suggest that Tf-LPs delivering EEDQ2 is a promising strategy to treat cancer.

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