Genomics, Sequencing & Tissue Banking

Genomics refers to the use of advanced gene-sequencing technologies to identify the precise order of DNA sequences in tumor or healthy tissue. That information reveals the presence of gene changes, such as gene mutations, in cancer cells or healthy cells, with great precision. For this reason, the use of genomic information to help determine cancer treatment or patient care is called precision cancer medicine.

Genomic research can reveal the genetic and molecular changes that drive cancer. This knowledge is essential for many reasons:

  • It helps identify the most effective treatment for individual patients
  • It reveals molecular targets in cancer cells for new, safer, more effective therapies
  • It leads to new molecular markers for more accurate diagnosis, subtyping patients and predicting how a patient will respond to therapy
  • It is essential for understanding the causes of drug resistance
  • It is critical for understanding how cancer happens at the molecular level

Genomics and precision cancer medicine are becoming a routine part of cancer care at the OSUCCC – James, which is one of only a few cancer programs in the nation offering a Precision Cancer Medicine clinic.

OSUCCC – James researchers routinely use genomics and genomic technologies in studies that are improving cancer treatment, diagnosis and prevention.


Discover how the OSUCCC – James researchers are using the latest tissue banking technologies to improve treatment for current and future cancer patients.

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