The Carson laboratory, led by William E. Carson III, at The Ohio State University is interested in the translation of basic science discoveries in the field of immunology into clinical treatments for cancer. Our research focuses on factors that influence the immune response to cancer cells, especially in the setting of breast cancer and malignant melanoma.  


Training in Tumor Immunology

Study the immune system and how it fights cancer!

The Ohio State T32 Training Program in Tumor Immunology is dedicated to the education of post-doctoral researchers in this area.

  • Receive on-on-one instruction from an established investigator
  • Tailor your coursework
  • Learn about genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics
  • Learn grant-writing and project management
  • Travel to scientific meetings

Applicants must be a U.S. citizen or green card holder and be willing to spend two years performing basic research in an immunology lab at The Ohio State University.

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Women, minority and disabled applicants are especially encouraged to apply.

View a list of the T32 Mentors.

Postdoctoral Pelotonia Fellowship Program

The Pelotonia Fellowship Program provides two-year research fellowships for up to 12 of the brightest and most promising postdoctoral candidates who want to help cure cancer. Cancer is a complex disease and curing it will take a multidisciplinary effort. So, no matter what the field of study, from the traditional science fields to fields such as history, business and computer science, any postdoctoral candidate may apply.

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