Denko Lab

As tumors grow, their metabolic needs surpass what is available in the surrounding tissue. This uncontrolled cellular proliferation, along with malformed and dysfunctional tumor vasculature, creates a nutrient- and oxygen-starved environment to which the tumors must adapt to survive and continue growing. To adapt, the cells undergo metabolic changes to compensate for the decrease in nutrients. These changes also decrease cellular oxygen requirements to help alleviate the hypoxic conditions. Overall, these adaptive events have been shown to be poor prognostic factors for patient survival.

Our lab aims to target key intersections in these metabolic pathways so that we may exploit these features of solid tumors. To this end, we aspire to better understand the specific mechanisms responsible for the adaptations so that we may develop targeted therapies and enhance the efficacy of current treatment regimens.


Ioanna Papandreou, PhD - research assistant professor

Ramon Sun, PhD - Pelatonia fellow

Betina McNeil, PhD - post doctoral researcher

Jason Evans, PhD - post doctoral researcher

Shiva Raghuvanshi, MS - research assistant

Wendy O’Neil, DDS - master’s degree student

Contact Us

Rhodes Hall 324
420 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

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