Kaur Lab

Dr. Kaur’s laboratory is focused on the development of oncolytic viral or therapies. Interests include immunomodulation, anti-angiogenic strategies and the tumor microenvironment.

Current Research Projects

  • OV therapy induced changes in tumor secretome and their impact on therapy
  • Impact of Vstat120 on viral oncolysis
  • Understanding the barriers toward oncolytic virotherapy of glioma and developing strategies to counter them
  • Novel nanotherapeutics for cancer
  • Biomarkers of response to cancer therapy
  • Mechanisms of resistance to cancer therapy

Contact Us

410 W 12th Ave
385 Wiseman Hall
Columbus, OH 43210

Lab Phone: 614-292-1321
Office Phone:  614-292-3984
Fax: 614-688-4882

Email: kaur.11@osu.edu


Balveen Kaur, PhD

Yeshvanth Banasavadi-Siddegowda

Chelsea Bolyard

Lisa Denning

Sam Dubin

Cristina Jaime-Ramirez

Hans Meisen

Kamaldeen Muili

Theresa Relation

Luke Russell

JiYoung Yoo

Jonathan Smith

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