Research Area

Radiation biodosimetry, radiation pneumonitis and fibrosis, radiation countermeasures, lung cancer metastasis and tumor microenvironment.

Research Summary

Dr. Naduparambil Jacob is a molecular biologist with expertise in the areas of DNA double strand break repair, cancer genetics, telomeres, chromatin and radiation biology. He is a member of the  Translational Therapeutics Program at the OSUCCC – James and has active, federally-funded research programs in translational radiation biology. Current projects up running in the laboratory include developing circulating exosomal miRNAs as biomarkers of normal tissue toxicity, tumor and organ specific responses, early prediction of delayed/late effects such as pneumonitis and fibrosis in patients receiving radiation therapy and also in victims of radiation accidents. His laboratory utilizes rodent models (knockout and wild type mice strains with varying sensitivity to radiation) for understanding resistance mechanisms and tissue/body fluids from irradiated animals and patients for correlative analysis.

Other projects include developing and testing of countermeasures of cutaneous and pulmonary radiation injury in pre-clinical animal models. Additionally, Dr. Jacob’s laboratory uses rodent models to test immune modulators combined with radiation to treat lung tumors which help reduce toxicity and achieve better therapeutic ratio. In various projects, Dr. Jacob collaborates with other clinicians and basic scientists within the OSUCCC, as well as other institutions and companies. He serves as Principal Investigator in federal grants (NIH and DOD) of over two million dollars in the area of radiation biodosimetry and countermeasures.


  • University of Cincinnati, Postdoctoral Training
  • Unviversity of Tuebingen, PhD
  • A.M. University, Masters of Science

Contact Us

Wiseman Hall
Room 310
420 W. 10th Ave
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: 614-685-4246
Fax: 614-247-6005

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