Papandreou Lab

Research Area

Tumor metabolism, hypoxic physiology, lipid storage dynamics in cancer

Research Summary

The Papandreou Lab investigates microenvironmental determinants of cancer metabolism and malignant progression. The uncontrolled growth and poor perfusion of a solid tumor mass lead to the creation of hypoxia, nutrient deprivation and acidosis. Even under these adverse environments, cancer metabolic adaptations are able to support energy production, macromolecular synthesis and redox balance that are necessary for growth.

We employ biochemical and molecular approaches in vitro as well as genetically engineered murine models to mechanistically connect glucose and lipid metabolism to tumor growth and to identify cancer metabolic vulnerabilities that could be exploited for therapeutic development.

Contact Us

Papandreou Lab
524A Tzagournis Medical Research Facility
420 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

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