The OSUCCC – James has hundreds of open clinical trials at any given time, with some of the world’s latest discoveries available to clinical trial patients right here in Columbus, Ohio. In fact, patients have access to more cancer clinical trials here than at nearly any other hospital in the region, as well as access to some of the most advanced, targeted treatments and drugs available.

The OSUCCC – James is one of only a few U.S. cancer centers funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to conduct phase I and phase II clinical trials on novel anti-cancer drugs. These trials go only to centers that demonstrate an exemplary capacity for research and clinical care, as well as the expertise to deliver the latest in treatments, and the infrastructure to interpret and track treatment results.

Rapid Autopsy

What is an autopsy? An autopsy involves the examination of a body after death to understand the cause of death. Rapid autopsy occurs within hours after death to allow immediate study of the body.

How are we applying research autopsy for cancer research?

We have opened a clinical study for patients with cancer who would like to donate their body after death. Interested patients can contact our study team for more information about this study: OSU-13053: Precision Cancer Medicine for Advanced Cancer Through High-throughput Sequencing (NCT02090530).

Why is an autopsy valuable for patient care and cancer research?

Autopsy allows researchers to study how cancer has become resistant to current therapies. We will study how cancer in one part of the body differs from another part of the body, also known as tumor heterogeneity.

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