Ruoning Wang Lab

Our lab's fundamental interest is to understand how eukaryotic cells integrate extracellular and intrinsic signals/cues to dictate cellular fate (cell proliferation, death, growth and differentiation). In particular, we focus on understanding the impact of the interplay between cell metabolic programs and cell-signaling cascades in patho-physiological contexts such as oocyte maturation, tumorigenesis and immune response.

Each of our experimental models has unique biological and technical features, including mouse models of human tumors and autoimmune disease (accessible for genetic and pharmacological modulations), frog oocytes (with defined cell cycle stage and accessibillity for direct intracellular injection of biological material) and primary cells such as MEFs, lymphocytes and macrophages (with defined genetic background, accessible to genetic modulation and responsive to various patho-physiological stimulations).

Our current long-term projects include:

  • Dissecting the molecular and biochemical nature of metabolic checkpoint, a mechanism of transducing metabolic signals (often reflected by the change of cellular metabolites) to control cell proliferation and death;
  • Deciphering metabolic reprogramming in immunity and evaluating the impact of metabolic modulation on immunity;
  • Understand the mechanism and therapeutic aspects of oncogenic addiction and metabolic addiction of pediatric cancer (neuroblastoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, etc.)


Lingling Liu, PhD – research scientist,

Tingting Wang, PhD – postdoctoral fellow,

Xuyong Chen – postdoctoral scientist,

Josephin Gnanaprakasam – postdoctoral scientist,

Siwen Kang – postdoctoral scientist,

Ruohan Wu – graduate student,

John Sherman – graduate student,

Xuequn Xu – senior research associate,

Contact Us

700 Children's Drive
Room WA5016
Columbus, OH 43205

Office: 614-355-2980
Lab: 614-355-2660

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