May, 2018: Dr. Stover is Ohio State’s ‘Cancer Physician of the Month

April, 2018: Dr. Stover leads off an article in Nature Jobs about why “Collaboration is the Key to Cancer Research.”

March, 2018: Nice overview of our work on cell-free DNA in triple negative breast cancer in The Pathologist

February, 2018: Dr. Stover comments on ‘The Future of Treatment for Metastatic Breast Cancer’ in USNews Health

January, 2018: Commentary on the recent multi-analyte liquid biopsy screening test, CancerSEEK, in Medscape Oncology News, including thoughts from Dr. Stover.

January, 2018: Some recent press on our triple-negative cell-free DNA study published Jan, 2018 in Journal of Clinical Oncology:
Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

November, 2017: Our collaborative work demonstrating high concordance of cell-free DNA with metastatic biopsies, in partnership with the Broad Institute and Dana-Farber, highlighted in Science Daily

October, 2017: Welcome to our first two lab members, Adrienne Damicis and Ruby Zhang! Excited to have you on board to tackle breast cancer together.

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