Toland Lab

The Toland Lab studies genetic susceptibility to cancer for colon, breast and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC), with a particular focus on understanding how the germline genome influences events, including somatic mutations, during tumor development. We utilize mouse models, in vitro models, human tumors and human population data as well as state-of-the art genomic technologies to characterize genetic variants important in cancer risk and tumorigenesis. We have additional projects to identify biomarkers and therapeutic targets for metastatic cSCC and to classify variants of uncertain significance in BRCA1/2 and other genes important in hereditary breast cancer.


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Cara Dauch

Johnny Ramroop

Gwen Amborski

Tanish Gandhi

Contact Us

TMRF Room 998
460 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Office: 614-247-8185
Lab: 614-247-7309

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