Venere Lab

Research Area

Glioblastoma, cancer stem cells, resistance mechanisms to radio- and chemotherapy, DNA damage response and repair, cell cycle, post-translational modifications, chromatin, kinesins, invasion, primary cilia, proteomics, cell and molecular biology, mouse modeling

Research Summary

The overarching goal of the Venere Lab is to elucidate points of fragility for glioblastoma using cell and molecular biology as well as animal models and exploit these findings to develop new treatment modalities and/or improve on current standard of care therapies. To this end, we employ a model system based on the finding that glioblastoma tumors harbor a subset of cells, termed cancer stem cells, which encompass the most malignant properties of glioblastoma and drive tumor recurrence. Specific projects in the lab include: elucidating the role of kinesins in the DNA damage response understanding how chromatin remodeling factors contribute to resistance to radiation and investigating the pathways involved in the fate switch from invasion to proliferation.

Contact Us

Venere Lab
440 Tzagournis Hall
420 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210


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