Cooperative Agreements

This funding mechanism supports discrete, specified, circumscribed projects to be performed by the investigator(s) in an area representing his or her specific interest and competencies.

Experimental Therapeutics of Anti-Cancer Agents With Phase I Emphasis
PI: William Carson, MD

This project encompasses a multi-disciplinary team of basic scientists and clinical investigators dedicated to finding effective new therapies for patients with cancer. New agents that appear to be promising in the laboratory studies are introduced to cancer patients whose options are limited with standard treatment. In giving these new agents to cancer patients, the physicians observe the effects on the condition of the patient. Patients have blood drawn to test the safety and the effectiveness of these new treatments. If an agent is promising, further studies will be planned based on this information.

ITSC for Leukemia: Novel Molecular Strategies for NCTN "Individualized" Therapies
PI: Clara Bloomfield, MD

The overall goal of the Integrated Translational Science Center for Leukemia (ITSC-L) is to identify the genetic and molecular aberrations that characterize leukemic transformation, understand their contribution to therapeutic response or resistance and utilize this information for the design of rational therapeutic trials that match specific molecular aberrations to emerging targeted therapies. These goals will be achieved through the careful selection of Pilot Studies that involve outstanding investigators working within Alliance and SWOG and those working outside the groups. Ultimately, these efforts should not only result in a significant improvement in the clinical outcome for leukemia patients but are expected to generate cutting-edge findings applicable to other types of cancer.

OSU As a Network Lead Academic Participating Site for the NCI NCTN
PI: Claire Verschraegen, MD

The goal of this application is to provide the infrastructure to support The Ohio State University's (OSU) participation in the scientific and clinical research activities of the NCI's NCTN Program as a Network Lead Academic Participating Site. This comprehensive program aims to: 1) investigate new therapeutic agents and their toxicities in Phase I to III NCI clinical trials; 2) evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of novel combinations based on preclinical data to exploit synergistic combinations more effectively; 3) develop multi-modal approaches using surgical, immunological and radiotherapeutic therapies in optimal combinations; 4) integrate experts in molecular genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology, immunology and biostatistics in the design and execution of therapeutic protocols; 5) improve cancer outcomes through discovery and education of pre and post-doctoral students, nurses, allied medical personnel and physicians; 6) understand and exploit tumor heterogeneity to fully exploit the value of targeted therapies; 7) improve the management of cancer related symptoms; 8) form the next generation of clinical investigators by offering them formal teaching and mentoring within the NCTN; and 9) enroll volunteering patients on trials.

Interactive Omics: Black Raspberry Metabolites and the Oral Microbiome in Smokers
PI: Christopher Weghorst, PhD

We propose much-needed studies in an under-explored area of oral research, namely, interactions between the oral microbiome and food-based phytochemicals. The proposed studies will establish a definitive role for oral bacteria in mediating the formation of BRB bioactives and provide: (i) a panel of bacterial markers for BRB exposure and (ii) biologically validated timelines for BRB treatment in patients at high risk for developing oral cancer, namely smokers, in a future phase III clinical trial. Outcomes of these studies will help accomplish our long-term goal of developing food-based strategies for disease prevention, point-of-care diagnostics and biological metrics for successful treatment outcomes in high-risk populations high at-risk for the development of oral malignancies.

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