Previous Graduate Student Pelotonia Fellows

Below are previous Graduate Student Pelotonia Fellows.

2016 Graduate Student Pelotonia Fellows

Amruta Ashtekar
Project – Role of mitochondrial metabolism and tumor suppressor SDHD in Thyroid Cancer.

Andrea Patterson
Project – Stromal paracrine signaling in the mechanism of mammary reprogramming following in utero exposure to BPA.

Bonnie Harrington
Project – Enhancing Antitumor Immunity for Treatment of Mantle Cell Lymphoma.

Bradley Cotten
Project – Bioavailability and Activity of Dietary Flavonoids to Alter Cancer Cachexia in a Mouse Model.

Chi-Ling Chiang
Project – A Microchannel Electroporation Array Enables Identification and Characterization of Leukemic Stem Cells in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.

Christina Knippler
Project – Characterization of the BRAF-PAK Complex in Thyroid Cancer.

Daniel Dayeh
Project – SAPHIRE: a novel method for sequence-specific targeting of cancer-mediating RNA.

David Frankhouser
Project – Dietary n-3 Fatty Acids and Breast Cancer Prevention - Effects on DNA Methylation in Breast Tissue and Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells.

Grant Foglesong
Project – Leptin Mediates the Anti-Breast Cancer Effects of Environmental Enrichment in Mice

Kara Braunreiter
Project – Understanding regulation of oscillatory gene expression and its role in differentiation

Luke Russell
Project – Characterization of the oncolytic and immune effects of RAPTOR: a novel oncolytic Herpes Simplex Virus 1 expressing PTEN-L for glioblastoma therapy in vitro and in vivo

Samantha Ohmer
Project – The effect of pregnancy on hepatitis C liver disease and cancer risk

Tasha Wilkie
Project – The Role of Chronic Inflammatory Environment in promoting Breast Cancer Progression

Yajun Liu
Project – Regulation of the membrane binding of F-BAR protein Rga7 by the novel protein Rng10 during cytokinesis

Yao Wan
Project – Novel functions of actin cytoskeleton and mitochondrial proteins in splicing of tRNAs

Yo-Ting Tsai
Project – In Vivo Impact of BRAFV600E on Tumor-Mediated Immune Suppression

2015 Graduate Student Pelotonia Fellows

Jeremy Borniger
Project – Assessing the Role of Neuroinflammation in Cancer and Chemotherapy-Induced Sleep Disruption

Mark Calhoun
Project – Evaluation of Microenvironmental Cues towards the Identification of Novel Drug Targets

Amanda Campbell
Project – Regulation of the Natural Killer Cell Anti-Tumor Response by Myeloid-Derived Immune Cells

David Ciarlariello
Project – Interferon gamma promotes natural killer cell-specific immunoevasive strategies in multiple myeloma

Daniel Comiskey
Project – Modulating MDM2 Alternative Splicing to Control Tumor Progression

Nicholas Denton
Project – Tumor Associated Macrophages Mitigate Herpes Simplex Oncolytic Virus Therapy

Shuai Dong
Project – Unraveling the role of PI3K p110? in T cell immunomodulation in leukemia

Rebecca Hennessey
Project – The Role of Ultraviolet (UV) Light in NRAS Mutant Melanoma

Michael Hoover
Project – Determining the regulatory role of histone H1.4 phosphorylation in breast cancer

Spenser Hughes
Project – Parasympathetic Activity, Pain, Cancer-Related Intrusive Thoughts, and Cancer-Related Fatigue During Breast Cancer Survivorship

Chris Koivisto
Project – Characterizing the effects of dietary-induced obesity and PTEN loss-of-function in development and progression of endometrial carcinoma

Cassandra Moyer
Project – Characterization of novel BRIP1 variants in early-onset breast cancer

Nivedita Ratnam
Project – NF-kB Mediated Suppression of Macrophage Activity During Initiation of Cancer

Morgan Schrock
Project – Characterization of DNA damage in Fhit-deficient stem cells and tissue progenitors cells: Informing the origin of cancer stem cells

Emily Smith
Project – Arginine Methylation as an Epigenetic Driver of B Cell Transformation

Kun-Yu Teng
Project – Development of novel therapy for hepatocellular cancer in preclinical models

Katie Thies
Project – The Role of PU.1 in Macrophages during Breast Cancer Metastasis

Allison Webb
Project – Identification of Pax protein coordination of EGF pathway activity in signaling and responding cells

Travis Westbrook
Project – Biobehavioral studies of cancer-specific stress in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Zhen Yu
Project – Design of Anticancer Catalytic Metallodrugs that Selectively Shorten G-quadruplex Telomeric DNA

Walter Zahurancik
Project – Kinetic Basis for Tumorigenesis by Cancer-Associated Pol? Exonuclease Domain Mutants

2014 Graduate Student Pelotonia Fellows

Paula Agudelo
Project – Influence of HAT1 in Protein Acetylation and Cell Metabolism

Yuntao Bai
Project – Exposure to fine particulate matters (PM2.5) promotes vasculogenesis and tumor growth mediated by tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) in an orthotopic lung tumor model

Kyle Beckwith
Project – Targeting CD37 and elucidating its role in B-cell malignancy

Heather Derry
Project – Cognitive Function and Cardiorespiratory Fitness During Breast Cancer Survivorship

Priscilla Do
Project – The role of CTLA-4 in promoting leukemic cell survival in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Julia Harris
Project – Regulation of the BLM Topoisomerase IIalpha interaction via BLM phosphorylation

Kyle LaPak
Project – Unraveling the driving mechanisms of 9p21.3 tumor susceptibility

Dongju Park
Project – PALB2 and its role in BRCAs-mediated tumor suppression

Jason Pitarresi
Project – Fibroblast Specific Deletion of Smoothened Accelerates Kras-Driven Pancreatic Tumorigenesis

Kristen Roberts
Project – Black Raspberry Bioactives and cancer: Novel Foods, Biodistribution, and Impact

Steven Scoville
Project – The Role of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor in Natural Killer Cell Development

Benjamin Sunkel
Project – Inhibiting CREB1/FoxA1 target gene-driven castration-resistant prostate cancer

Kanu Wahi
Project – Examining the role of mir-125a in post-transcriptional regulation of the Notch pathway

Chao Wang
Project – Discovering Integrative Biomarkers for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Catherine Waters
Project – Fhit loss-induced DNA damage facilitates APOBEC-mediated mutagenesis

Jian Wu
Project – High-throughput structural and functional analysis of RNA 3D structures

Bo Zhang
Project – Characterization of the localization of Hrr25/CK1δ to P-bodies

Yihua Zhu
Project – Characterization of a novel protein Rng13 in maintaining contractile ring stability and cell integrity during fission yeast cytokinesis

2013 Graduate Student Pelotonia Fellows

Daniel Arango-Tamayo
Project: Chemo-preventive mechanisms of newly formulated flavonoid-rich diets in breast cancer

Subhasree Balakrishnan
Project: Fibroblast-Specific Pten Deletion Alters Errb2-Targeted Tumor Initiating Luminal Progenitors Accelerating Breast Tumorigenesis

Joelle Fenger
Project: Characterization of miR-9 expression and activation in canine osteosarcoma

Madelyn Gerber
Project: Identification of AURKA- and PTPRJ- interaction Human Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility Loci

Adam Hinzey
Project: Social Influences on the Breast Cancer Microenvironment

Muhtadi Islam
Project: Deep Mutagenesis of BRCA1 and Function in DNA Repair

Monica Lindgren
Project: Depression and Social Support: Implications for Treatment Adherence and Quality of Life Among Breast Cancer Survivors

Joseph Marquardt
Project: The centrosomal localization of the kinase Mps1 is important for its function throughout the cell cycle

Brian Maxwell
Project: Conformation Dynamics of Polymerase Switching during the Bypass of Mutagenic DNA Lesions

Mark Nelson
Project: Biomimetic Nanoscale Device for High-throughput Anti-metastatic Drug Screening

Komal Rambani
Project: Identifying stroma-derived oncogenic signals and their potential as novel therapeutic targets in pancreatic cancer

Chaojie Wang
Project: The role of RCAN1-4 as a tumor metastasis suppressor gene

Kang Wei
Project: Development of an adaptive electro-optofluidic laparoscope with switchable, wide-angle, two-dimension and three-dimension imaging for intra-abdominal tumor examination and resection

Jingyan Wu
Project: Identification and characterization of novel genes involved in tRNA biogenesis, stability and subcellular movement

Helong Zhao
Project: Role of slit-robo in LPS-induced endothelial inflammation and gastric/colorectal cancer angiogenesis and development

2012 Graduate Student Pelotonia Fellows

Cai Chen
Project: Role of RNA editing in the cancer transcriptome and cancer subtype discrimination

Johnna Dominick Burke
Project: The Role of ATF3 in Lymphocytes to Promote Melanoma Metastasis

William Hankey
Project: Chromatin-associated functions of the APC tumor suppressor

En-Chi Hsu
Project: Targeting the IL-6-NF-κB signaling loop in breast cancer stem cells by a novel integrin-linked kinase inhibitor, T315

Aishwarya Jacob
Project: Stress-Induced MDM2 Splicing is dictated by Conserved Cis elements and their Binding Factors

I-Ju Lee
Project: Regulation of cytokinesis and cell polarity by putative Rho-GEF Gef2 in fission yeast

Hui-wen Liu
Project: Genome-wide mapping of SUMO-1 in human cells and its implications for transcription control during cell cycle progression

Ta-Ming Liu
Project: Integrin Linked Kinase has a survival function and is a novel therapeutic target in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Yicheng Long
Project: Thg1 enzyme function in mitochondria

Alexander R. de N. Lucas
Project: Lifestyle behaviors in a sample of endometrial cancer survivors

Daphne Pringle
Project: PRKAR1A and PTEN mutations in follicular thyroid carcinoma: identifying molecular mechanisms of metastasis and novel targets for therapy

Khyati Shah
Project: Characterization of the role of P‐bodies for a quiescent cell survival Project

2011 Graduate Student Pelotonia Fellows

Yadwinder S. Deol
Project: Role of S100A7 in estrogen receptor positive cancers: treatment of hormone or endocrine resistant breast tumors.

Meera Govindaraghavan
Project: Understanding the functional relationship between mitotic protein phosphorylation and methylation as a basis for development of novel chemotherapies

Patrick Grierson
Project: The BLM helicase facilitates RNA polymerase I-mediated ribosomal RNA transcription; implications for cell growth rate control

Kara Kliewer
Project: Mechanisms of lipolysis and lipid utilization in adipose tissue in cancer cachexia

Christopher R. Lucas
Project: Prohibitin-1, a potential Novel Therapeutic Target in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Katja Machemer
Project: Regulation of plant development by MYB transcription factors

James Phelan
Project: Lymphoid malignancies critically require Growth factor independent 1 (Gfi1) for tumor initiation and maintenance

Chenguang Zhou
Project: Targeted Lipid and Surfactant Nanocarriers for Therapeutic Delivery of Anti-miR Oligos to Hepatocellular Cancer

Rachel Zielinski
Project: The Role of Substrate Stiffness and Cell Mechanics in Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition of Cancer Cells

Nicholas Zorko
Project: Analysis of Epigenetic Changes Leading to Leukemia Stem Cell Development in a Double Knock-in Mouse Model of Acute Myeloid Leukemia

2010 Graduate Student Pelotonia Fellows

Jennifer Ahn-Jarvis
Project: Evaluating Bioavailability of Isoflavones Delivered by Soy Bread in Men with Recurring Prostate Cancer and Rising Prostate Specific Antigen

Christina Austin
Project: Ligand Specificity in EGFR signaling in Drosophila melanogaster

Edward Briercheck
Project: The role of PTEN in human natural killer cell function

Huizi Chen
Project: Atypical mammalian repressors E2F7 & E2F8 link hepatocyte endocycle regulation with tumor suppression

Hsiao-Ching Chuang
Project: Combining poly-(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitors with FTY-720 as a novel therapeutic approach for triple-negative breast cancer

Nripesh Dhungel
Project: tRNA splicing endonuclease:Investigating novel functions

Zhongqi Ge
Project: Role of acetylation of newly synthesized histone H4 in DNA repair linked chromatin reassembly

April Renee Sandy Gocha
Project: BRCA1 and RecQ-like helicases in the control of telomere maintenance

Geoffrey Gonzalez
Project: Establishment of Salmonella gallbladder carriage: role in hepatobiliary carcinoma

Brian J Hutzen
Project: Treatment of Medulloblastoma with Re-targeted Oncolytic Measles Viruses

Huayang Liu
Project: A novel genome-wide screen to identify novel regulators of the tumor microenvironment

Justin Andrew North
Project: A study of the molecular mechanism by which human Rad51 and MSH2/MSH6 clear their own path for DNA repair

Sundaresan Raman
Project: A Framework for Analysis of Vasculature Phenotypes in the Tumor Microenvironment

Shreyas S. Rao
Project: Brain Mimetic Biomaterials for Investigating Tumor Cell Migration

Maurisa Flynn Riley
Project: Examining post-transcriptional regulation of the Notch pathway by microRNAs

Amit Sharma
Project: Novel translation control strategy of junD protooncogene, a modulator of neoplastic transformation

Hosung Sim
Project: Molecular orchestration between cancer cells and microenvironment for brain tumor progression: Activation of PDGF signaling by tumor-secreted proteoglycans

David A. Taffany
Project: Ets2-Mediated Global Genetic and Epigenetic Alterations to the Myeloid Genome Throughout the Course of Tumor Progression

Chuang Tan
Project: The repair dynamics of UV-induced DNA damage by Photolyase

Bo Wang
Project: Role of Cancer Stem Cells in Choline-Deficient and Ethionine Supplemented (CDE) diet-induced hepatocarcinogenesis in liver-specific miR-122 knockout mice

Jamie N. Wolf
Project: Roles of RNA Polymerases IV and V RNA-Directed DNA Methylation of Geminivirus DNA

Salene M. Wu
Project: Relationship of General and Health-related Anxiety and Worry to Markers of Inflammation in Women with Recurrent Cancer

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