Previous Professional Student Pelotonia Fellows

Below are previous Professional Student Pelotonia Fellows.

2013 Professional Student Pelotonia Fellow

Andrew Stiff
Project: In Vitro and In Vivo Mechanisms of Multiple Myeloma Resistance to Reovirus Therapy and Potential Therapeutic Partners 

2012 Professional Student Pelotonia Fellow

David Clever
Mentor: John Byrd, MD, College of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine
Project: A genome-wide RNAi screen reveals CD14 as a novel target in Hodgkin Lymphoma

2011 Professional Student Pelotonia Fellow

Kyle Beckwith
Project: Development of a mouse model for in vivo evaluation of CD37 tetraspanin-targeted therapeutic small modular immunopharmaceuticals for treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

2010 Professional Student Pelotonia Fellow

Christian Tyler Earl
Project: Use of novel small molecule inhibitors to target epigenetic dysregulation in mantle cell lymphoma

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