Internal Advisory Board

Basic and Fundamental Immunology

Eugene Oltz

Eugene Oltz, PhD

Basic Immunology

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Clinical Immuno-Oncology

John Byrd

John Byrd, MD

Hematology Immuno-Oncology, Chair

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David Carbone

David Carbone, MD, PhD

Solid tumor Immuno-Oncology

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Claire Verschraegen, MD

Medical Oncology, Phase 1

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Elaine Mardis

Elaine Mardis, PhD


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Lang Li

Lang Li, PhD

Data Science

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Cell Therapy

Yiping Yang

Yiping Yang, MD, PhD

Hematology Immuno-Oncology

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Inflammation, Tolerance and TME

Patrick Green

Patrick Green, PhD

College of Veterinary Medicine

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Allan Tsung

Allan Tsung, MD

Surgical Oncology

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William Carson

William Carson III, MD

Surgical Oncology

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Immunomonitoring, Discovery and Translation

Jeffery Patrick

Jeffery Patrick, PharmD

Immuno-Oncology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship

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Ex Officio

External Advisory Board

Lisa Butterfield

Lisa Butterfield, PhD

University of California, San Francisco and Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

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Carl June

Carl June, MD

University of Pennsylvania

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Robert Schreiber

Robert Schreiber, PhD

Washington University

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