Research Design

The Research Design Service provides investigators with full consultation services, including those that support project and grant development. Services support prevention, cancer control and clinical researchers in developing psychological, behavioral and quality-of-life topics as primary or secondary research outcomes consistent with the specific aims and hypotheses of an investigator's research.

Behavioral Assessment

The Behavioral Assessment Service assists investigators in identifying psychometrically sound behavioral, psychological and psychosocial measures consistent with research aims and hypotheses.  

  • Expertise is available to help investigators define and objectively establish the behavior or psychosocial construct to be measured. Assistance is available to help investigators specifically define the behavior or psychosocial construct that is uniquely appropriate for their investigations.
  • The shared resource orients investigators to behavioral assessment methods and measures and can help provide them with currently available measures and methodologies. This includes evaluation of psychometric properties (validity, reliability) and the strengths and weaknesses of measures or methods.
  • Expertise is available regarding formatting, scoring and interpretation of behavioral outcome data. OSUCCC members have unlimited access to the library of currently available measures located in the shared resource office.

Population-Based Data Retrieval 

This Population-Based Data Retrieval Service assists OSUCCC investigators with locating, accessing, retrieving and interpreting cancer incidence, mortality, survival and population-based data.

This service can provide investigators with critical information needed for grant applications/reports: a disease-specific population estimate of cancer incidence, mortality, and/or survival from local, county, state, or national data.

Additionally, this service provides expanded retrieval, interpretation and consultation for population-based investigations (e.g.: information concerning the potential composition of study groups with or without additional criteria such as race, ethnicity and gender).

Recruitment and Accrual

The Recruitment and Accrual Service identifies and facilitates the accrual of human subjects from Ohio State’s Wexner Medical Center hospitals and clinics and the OSUCCC – James as well as from the community.

To facilitate subject accrual from the community, service specialist and Population Sciences Program Director Cecilia DeGraffinreid liaisons with referral sources outside the cancer center to increase the numbers of patients accrued to clinical trials.

To create a larger, more diverse accrual base, the Recruitment and Accrual Service works in collaboration with the Diversity Enhancement Program at the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute and the OSUCCC Clinical Trials Office to coordinate efforts and maximize all resources. 

Data Collection

The Data Collection Service supports population science, cancer control and clinical researchers by providing a full range of consultation for and provision of data collection services. Data collection services include the collection and management of qualitative and quantitative data.

Specific services include planning activities with individuals or groups targeted for study, consultation for or selection of individuals collecting data, planning for or providing the data collection method (e.g., in-person, telephone interview, self-administered questionnaires, use of electronic surveys or laptop administration), and data management.

Usage Policy

The Behavioral Measurement Shared Resource provides timely and cost-effective services that are unique to the OSUCCC, The Ohio State University, and the Columbus, Ohio, area. The BMSR is designed to provide assistance to all OSUCCC members, with priority given to OSUCCC members, and special priority given to full OSUCCC members.

To arrange consultations, OSUCCC investigators may contact the BMSR at 614-293-7846 or email

Initial consultation is provided free of charge for each of the five primary BMSR service areas. With the assistance of the OSUCCC administration core, a cost management plan is available for hourly rates for each component.

Publications supported by the BMSR must include the following acknowledgment: This study was supported by National Cancer Institute Grant P30 CA016058, the Behavioral Measurement Shared Resource at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.


The Behavioral Measurement Shared Resource offers a continuum of services for the inclusion of behavioral research for OSUCCC investigators. These services are available on The Ohio State University campus in Columbus, or in the surrounding areas.

Initial consultation is free of charge. BMSR also offers grant preparation assistance free of charge. However, we do so with the understanding that the BMSR will be written into the proposal to carry out these activities, if funded.

Pricing of services is based on the tasks performed and charged at an hourly rate.

Listed prices are for OSU or federally-funded investigators.  Please contact SR for external rates. 




Advanced Level
$85.00 hour
Intermediate Level
Intern Level
$10.00 hour

Contact BMSR

Heather Aker, MPH
Program Director
Phone: 614-293-7846
Fax: 614-293-5611

Behavioral Measurement Shared Resource
The Ohio State University
1590 N. High St.
Suite 525
Columbus, OH 43201

Availability: Monday – Friday

Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Assistance provided for other schedules on an as-needed basis.

Additional Contacts:

Caroline Gault, MPH
Phone: 614-293-2452

Rachel Thomas, MPH
Phone: 614-293-2450

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