Director: Lapo Alinari, MD, PhD
Senior Faculty Advisor: Robert Baiocchi, MD, PhD

The Leukemia Tissue Bank Shared Resource (LTBSR) helps scientists translate basic research to the clinical setting by providing central collection, processing, storage and characterization of tissue samples and derivatives (plasma, serum, DNA, RNA and protein) from patients with any hematologic malignancy enrolled on Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC – James) protocols. These samples are available to investigators at Ohio State and to outside collaborators who study the cellular and molecular properties of these diseases. The ability to examine tumor cells from patients is an essential part of determining the causes of cancer and developing new and effective treatments.

A National Cancer Institute-sponsored biorepository, the LTBSR has more than 40,000 vials of cryopreserved viable cells and 13,000 vials of matched frozen plasma and/or serum samples from more than 4,000 patients.

LTBSR’s Goals

To provide central collection and processing services and a state-of-the-art repository for samples from hematologic malignancy patients enrolled on OSUCCC – James protocols.

Cross-Institutional Work

The LTBSR is a central processing and storage laboratory for several multi-site clinical trials for which the principal investigator is an OSUCCC member. Certain trials may be a collaboration of hematologic disease and other cancers to determine efficacy and predictability. These include:

OSU 18055: To validate the accuracy and predictive ability of the Cancer and Aging Research Group (CARG) Chemo-Toxicity calculator in newly diagnosed patients with cancer (hematologic malignancy and non-small cell lung cancer). (A. Rosko, PI).

OSU 17204: A Phase II Study of Brentuximab Vedotin and Lenalidomide in Relapsed and Refractory T-Cell Lymphomas. (B. William, PI).

OSU 17321: A Phase II Study with Pevonedistat in combination with Azacitidine targeting NEDD8-activating enzyme (NAE) in TP53 Mutant Untreated Acute Myeloid Leukemia patients >/= 60 years of age. (A. Mims, PI).

Contact LTBSR

334 Tzagournis Research Facility
420 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Availability: Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday: 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

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