Medicinal Chemistry

Director: Chad Bennett, PhD

The Medicinal Chemistry Shared Resource (MCSR) provides medicinal chemistry support to investigators at the OSUCCC – James and to other academic and commercial institutions. It integrates the expertise of multiple disciplines, including synthetic and process chemistry, instrumental analysis and molecular pharmacology.

MCSR Goals

  • Provide medicinal chemistry services, including chemistry consultations, sample purity analyses and preparations, and custom syntheses to OSUCCC – James investigators for the identification of new therapeutic targets and/or biomarkers of drug activity.
  • In collaboration with other OSUCCC – James Shared Resources, translate basic science findings from OSUCCC – James investigators into small-molecule agents for testing individual hypotheses, adding an important dimension to translating basic science to the clinic.


Chad Bennett, PhD, Director, was recruited to OSU in 2014 to direct the MCSR and to also be the Chemistry Lead for the OSUCCC’s Drug Development Institute (DDI). He is a highly skilled organic chemist and accomplished pharmaceutical professional with 11 years of industrial experience in both medicinal and process chemistry research. His industrial work has encompassed research to identify lead molecules, improve the drug-like properties of these structures, select pre-clinical candidates, and optimize routes to supply compounds for pre-clinical toxicity studies and Phase I clinical trials. Dr. Bennett conducted his doctoral work in synthetic organic chemistry at Indiana University, followed by NCI-funded postdoctoral fellowships at Stanford University and at OSU. His academic work was followed by medicinal and process chemistry research at Schering-Plough, Merck, and PTC Therapeutics, where he gained a broad base of drug discovery and development experience.

Dasheng Wang, PhD, is a synthetic medicinal chemist with more than 20 years of experience working as a senior member of teams consisting of computational chemists, biochemists and molecular biologists in both academic and industrial settings.   

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The Ohio State University - Comprehensive Cancer Center
436A / 405 Biomedical Research Tower
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Phone:   614-688-6834 (lab)
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