Our core (NPASR) brings world class expertise and cutting edge LCMS instrumentation to analytical exploration of foods and biologics. We excel at targeted and untargeted metabolomics for biomarker identification and metabolite discovery. Metabolomics is an experimental capability providing unrivaled depth of metabolite coverage to enhance scientific rigor of investigations and competitiveness of grants. We have particular experience in metabolomics as applied to a ‘Crops to Clinic’ approach with dietary interventions for cancer prevention, and support the OSU Discovery Themes in Foods for Health.

NPASR goals

  • Provide investigators with bioanalytical method development and quantitative analyses of nutrients and phytochemicals in foods and their metabolites in biological samples
  • Enhance understanding of the role of dietary compounds in cancer prevention and control
  • Metabolite and biomarker discovery through untargeted LCMS metabolomics technique
  • Offer broad quantitative targeted Lipidomics and smaller panels for low level lipid mediators of inflammation


Ken Riedl, PhD
Acting Director, Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Ken Riedl is an expert in analytical chemistry who develops and applies high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)-tandem mass spectrometry to the understanding of dietary food components in disease prevention and control. He operates three HPLC-mass spectrometry platforms, each with unique capabilities for identifying and quantifying phytochemicals and their metabolites. A broad background in food science, biochemistry and analytical chemistry strengthens his role in collaborative, multidisciplinary studies.

Dr. Riedl studied Food Science at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, where he received his bachelor and master’s degrees. He earned his PhD in Biochemistry from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, investigating polyphenol-protein complexes as antioxidants. While a postdoctoral associate at Ohio State, he trained with Dr. Steven Schwartz to develop HPLC-MS skills toward quantitative phytochemical and metabolite analyses.

Ella Lin
Research Associate

Ella Lin graduated from Purdue University with a Master's Degree in Horticulture. She joined NPASR with sixyears of experience in quantitative LCMS of phytochemicals using triple quadrupole technology. Her role in NPASR involves quantitative LCMS method development and analysis as well as executing lipidomics experiments using the Lipidyzer platform.

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Ella Lin
Research Associate

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