Director: Reena Shakya

The Target Validation Shared Resource (TVSR) assists investigators in generating reliable proof-of-concept preclinical animal model data for grant applications, publications and IND applications for the FDA.

Preclinical mouse models of cancer have become indispensable for in vivo target validation studies, such as determining in vivo efficacy of therapeutics, unraveling in vivo off-target effects of therapeutics including unexpected negative side-effects in a whole organism, elucidating significance of biological pathways towards disease initiation/progression etc. The Target Validation Shared Resource assists investigators with these in vivo target validation studies.  

The TVSR shared resource has expertise in establishing breeding programs for GEMM (genetically engineered mouse model) animals and immune-compromised mouse strains, developing xenograft/allograft mouse models of cancer, therapeutic compound administration and subsequent monitoring of the animals. It also provides consultation towards in vivo target validation study design.

The goal of TVSR is to assist investigators in generating reliable “proof-of-concept” preclinical animal (mouse) model data for grant applications, publications and filing of IND applications to FDA. 


Director: Reena Shakya, PhD
Staff: Ryejung Na, PhD

Reena Shakya, PhD, is an expert in mouse genetics with extensive knowledge and experience in mouse models of cancer. She earned her doctoral degree in genetics and developmental biology at Columbia University, New York where she trained with Dr. Frank Costantini who is among the pioneers in mouse transgenics.  She completed postdoctoral fellowship at Columbia University with Dr. Thomas Ludwig. During her postdoctoral training, Dr. Shakya developed several mouse models of cancer to study breast and pancreatic cancers and performed therapeutic studies with them.

Ryejung Na, PhD, received her doctorate in microbiology from Korea followed by a postdoctoral training in oncology at the University of Utah.  She is experienced with in vitro assay development and preclinical mouse studies.

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516 Biomedical Research Tower
460 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Phone: 614-293-1675

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