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  • Breeding programs for GEMM models of cancer
  • Breeding programs for immune-compromised mouse strains (athymic nude and NSG (NOD-SCID-IL2γR))
  • Xenografting and allografting of tissues and cells
  • Administration of therapeutics via various routes (e.g., intraperitoneal, intravenous, oral gavage, subcutaneous, intramuscular)
  • Monitoring of animals post-administration of therapeutics (e.g., body weight and score)
  • Necropsy including tumor and other tissue harvest for downstream applications
  • Tumor monitoring by standard caliper measurement or using other imaging modalities (the latter is conducted in collaboration with Small Animal Imaging Shared Resource, SAISR)
  • Consultation and letter-of-support for grant applications are provided at no charge


Listed prices are for OSU or federally-funded investigators.  Please contact SR for external rates. 




Technical Time $75.00 hour
GEMM Mice per allele
Mouse per diem - GEMM mice
$.78 day
Athymic Nude Mouse - Female
$35.00 mouse
Athymic Nude Mouse - Male $28.00 mouse
Miscellaneous Mouse: 3-4 weeks of age
$4.00 mouse
Supply $0.00
Mouse per diem - Athymic Mice $.30 day
Mouse per diem - post-tumor inoculation
$.95 day
 Mouse per diem - GEMM Mice $.78 day
 NSG Mouse - female $55.00 mouse
 NSG Mouse - male $45.00 mouse
 Mouse per diem - Sterile Animal Housing Cost $.99 day

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