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The VCRSSR provides services via two main sections, the Veterinary Clinical Trials Office (VCTO) and the Biorepository (BR). 

The VCTO provides guidance with respect to clinical trial design including formulation of a testable hypothesis, determination of patient entry criteria, selection of appropriate toxicity assessments, review of appropriate statistical end points, and development of an accurate budget. The office also confirms compliance with applicable hospital, IRB, and/or IACUC requirements. Case recruitment is enhanced by an established network of regional specialists, veterinarians, and breed clubs to assist with patient enrollment. The VCTO oversees and verifies correct and complete data entry and compliance with established study guidelines.

The BR collects both tumor and normal (tissue, serum, plasma, PBMCs, urine) samples following guidelines modeled after the Children’s Oncology Group tissue banking protocols and serves as a valuable resource of spontaneous tumors in the pet population with the goal of characterizing these tumors to provide a framework for evaluation of novel therapeutic approaches in animals and humans. The VCRS is a unique shared resource enabling the integration of multiple models of cancer into the process of drug development and translational therapeutics. 


Listed prices are for OSU or federally-funded investigators.  Please contact SR for external rates. 



Pricing Level


Amendment Processing Fee Task Affiliate $100.00
Document Storage Fee Task Affiliate $500.00
Hourly CTO Support Fee Hour Affiliate $25.00
Monitor Visits/Day Fee Task Affiliate $300.00
Sample Processing Fee – Maximum Task Affiliate $25.00
Sample Processing Fee – Average Task Affiliate $10.00
Sample Processing Fee – Minimum Task Affiliate $5.00
Sample Storage Fee Bottle Affiliate $5.00
Satellite Site Management Fee Hour Affiliate $50.00
Site Initiation Visit Fee Task Affiliate $500.00
Startup Fee Task Affiliate $3,500.00
Study Closeout Fee Hour Affiliate $50.00

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