Yvonne Efebera A MD

Yvonne Efebera A MD
Asst ProfessorCollege of Medicineefebera.1@osu.edu
A346 Starling Loving Hall 320 W 10th Avenue Columbus Ohio 43210
Phone:614-293-2268Fax: (614) 366-5970
  • Leukemia Research

General Research Interest

: Dr. Efebera’s clinical and research interests include the treatment of patients with B-cell lymphoid malignancies including multiple myeloma, amyloidosis and Waldenstrom’s disease. In addition, her interests include blood and marrow transplantation and the prevention of graft versus host disease.

Research Description

The development of osteolytic bone disease in Multiple Myeloma (MM) is the result of increased osteoclastic bone resorption and impairment of osteoblastic bone formation. The Wnt signaling pathway is important for osteoblastic differentiation. Dickkopf (DKK1), a Wnt inhibitor, inhibits osteoblast activity, and its serum level directly correlates with increased bone lesions in newly diagnosed MM. BHQ880, an IgG1 anti DKK1 monoclonal antibody that has been shown in vitro to neutralize DKK1 and activate the Wnt pathway, thus enhancing osteoblastic activity and differentiation and improving bone disease. BHQ880 may also inhibit myeloma cell growth. We propose to perform a phase I dose determination study followed by a randomized, placebo controlled, double blind phase II study of BHQ880 with/without zoledronic acid in multiple myeloma patients undergoing autologous and allogeneic transplant. To determine effect of BHQ880 on prevention of progression of bone disease. We plan to assess: A: The maximum tolerated dose and to characterize Dose limiting toxicity of escalating doses of BHQ880 in combination with zoledronic acid. B: to characterize the binding kinetics of DKK-1/BHQ880 complex in serum and characterize serum DKK1 levels during treatment. C: The pharmacodynamics of BHQ880 by measuring biochemical markers of bone formation (osteocalcin, bone specific alkaline phosphatase, P1NP, DEXA scan) resorption (serum CTX, urine NTX, Trap 5b) and metabolism (RANKL, OPG) in serum and urine D: Assess the effect of BHQ880 on calcium and phosphate metabolism Hypothesis: We hypothesize that the combination of BHQ880 with zoledronic acid will be well tolerated, will enhance osteoblast activity and differentiation improving or preventing further bone disease, will increase bone formation markers and will decrease DKK-1 expression.

Current Publications

  • Sborov DW, Nuovo GJ, Stiff A, Mace TA, Lesinski GB, Benson DM, Efebera YA, Rosko AE, Pichiorri F, Grever MR, Hofmeister CCA Phase 1 Trial of Single Agent Reolysin in Patients with Relapsed Multiple Myeloma.Clin Cancer Res in press 10/7/2014
  • Levine JE, Hogan WJ, Harris AC, Litzow MR, Efebera YA, Devine SM, Reshef R, Ferrara JLImproved accuracy of acute graft-versus-host disease staging among multiple centers.Best Pract Res Clin Haematol 27 283-287 9/1/2014
  • Rocci A, Hofmeister CC, Geyer S, Stiff A, Gambella M, Cascione L, Guan J, Benson DM, Efebera YA, Talabere T, Dirisala V, Smith EM, Omedè P, Isaia G, De Luca L, Rossi D, Gentili S, Uccello G, Consiglio J, Ria R, Benevolo G, Bringhen S, Callea V, Weiss B, Ferro A, Magarotto V, Alder H, Byrd JC, Boccadoro M, Marcucci G, Palumbo A, Pichiorri FCirculating miRNA markers show promise as new prognosticators for multiple myeloma.Leukemia 28 1922-6 9/1/2014
  • Salem G, Ruppert AS, Elder P, Hofmeister CC, Benson DM, Penza S, Andritsos L, Klisovic R, Vasu S, Blum W, Devine SM, Jaglowski S, Efebera YALower Dose of Antithymocyte Globulin (ATG) does not increase Graft-vs-Host Disease (GVHD) in Patients Undergoing Reduced-Intensity Conditioning (RIC) Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (allo HSCT).Leuk Lymphoma in press 1-20 8/28/2014
  • Jaglowski SM, Ruppert AS, Hofmeister CC, Elder P, Blum W, Klisovic R, Vasu S, Penza S, Efebera YA, Benson DM Jr, Devine SM, Andritsos LAThe hematopoietic stem cell transplant comorbidity index can predict for 30-day readmission following autologous stem cell transplant for lymphoma and multiple myeloma.Bone Marrow Transplant in press 7/28/2014
  • Sturm A, Baack EC, Hofmeister CC, Satoskar A, Nadasdy T, Nadasdy G, Benson DM, Gillmore JD, Hawkins PN, Rowczenio D, Efebera YANovel gelsolin variant as the cause of nephrotic syndrome and renal amyloidosis in a large kindred.Amyloid 21 110-2 6/1/2014
  • Hofmeister CC, Poi M, Bowers MA, Zhao W, Phelps MA, Benson DM, Kraut EH, Farag S, Efebera YA, Sexton J, Lin TS, Grever M, Byrd JCA phase I trial of flavopiridol in relapsed multiple myeloma.Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 73 249-57 2/1/2014
  • Collins SM, Bakan CE, Swartzel GD, Hofmeister CC, Efebera YA, Kwon H, Starling GC, Ciarlariello D, Bhaskar S, Briercheck EL, Hughes T, Yu J, Rice A, Benson DM JrElotuzumab directly enhances NK cell cytotoxicity against myeloma via CS1 ligation: evidence for augmented NK cell function complementing ADCC.Cancer Immunol Immunother 62 1841-9 12/1/2013
  • Smith EM, Talabere T, Efebera YA, Hofmeister CC, Benson DM Jr, Paulaitis ME, Freitas MA, Pichiorri F, Harshman SW, Canella A, Ciarlariello PD, Rocci A, Agarwal KCharacterization of multiple myeloma vesicles by label-free relative quantitation.Proteomics 13 3013-29 10/1/2013
  • Rieser G, Merritt L, Ketcham J, Heerema N, Byrd JC, Devine SM, Efebera YA, Dunavin NC, Wei L, Elder P, Phillips GS, Benson DM Jr, Hofmeister CC, Penza S, Greenfield C, Rose KSEarly versus delayed autologous stem cell transplant in patients receiving novel therapies for multiple myeloma.Leuk Lymphoma 54 1658-64 8/1/2013

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