New Nanomedicine Shows Promise as Brain Tumor Treatment

Brain tumors are often difficult to treat, but a new combination of drugs known as nanomedicine is showing promise.

Brain tumors are resistant to treatments because the organ is protected by the blood/brain barrier, which prevents many drugs from reaching the tumor. To scale this hurdle, James experts are testing a new nanomedicine agent, known as BXQ-350, in advanced solid tumors to circumvent the barriers. By applying nanotechnology—the development of small, very fine particles to slip past the blood/brain barrier—researchers believe the agent will target cancer cells and eliminate them.

BXQ-350—the first agent in this class of drugs—has unique properties not seen in conventional cancer treatments. Made of natural substances found in humans, it has shown the ability to target cancer cells specifically. If proven effective, nanomedicine research could potentially open new doors to the treatment of malignant brain tumors and other advanced cancers.