Palliative Care Experts Improving Quality of Life for Patients at The James

Our palliative care experts are improving patients’ quality of life by reducing suffering throughout the course of their cancer journeys.

Palliative care—a growing subspecialty focused on patients with serious illnesses—can include multiple approaches to the relief of pain and discomfort associated with diseases and resulting treatments.

Palliative care can take place throughout the course of a patient’s illness, and can address several issues during treatment, including chemotherapy-related nausea, as well as end-of-life needs.

At The James, our palliative care experts are embedded with teams of oncologists to provide patients with a wide variety of pain relief options under one roof.

“We work together with a lot of different sub-specialists who can do things like massage, reflexology, managing pain and helping with spiritual and emotional distress to really help patients identify what's important for them and communicate those things to their families and healthcare teams.” Says Dr. Huma Ansari, a palliative care physician at The James.