Elaine R Mardis, PhD

Elaine Mardis


College of Medicine



Academic Title


Research Program

Translational Therapeutics

I am interested in cancer genomics, both from a discovery and a translational point of view. This goes to determining common driver mutations/genes and pathways that can cause cancer to develop and progress, and can tell us the best therapeutic approaches to fight these cancers on an individual, or precision medicine focused, way. My work has spanned the past nine years, applying my genomics know-how to primary discovery (TCGA, PCGP and other large privately-funded projects), to developing tools to inform clinicians about the link between genes altered in cancer and therapeutics, to the newest application of genomics in helping to determine which mutated genes result in neoantigens that may be harnessed to help the patient fight their own cancer by using the re-stimulated immune system, either through personalized vaccines, checkpoint blockade therapies, or the combination thereof.

Education and Background


  • Doctorate, University of Oklahoma

    Norman, OK (USA)

  • Doctorate, University of Oklahoma

    Norman, OK (USA)

Office Location

The Institute for Genomic Medicine

700 Children’s Drive, Columbus, OH 43205



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