John L Hays, MD, PhD

John Hays


College of Medicine


Internal Medicine

Academic Title

Asst Professor

Research Program

Translational Therapeutics

Research Interest

Cancer ● Ovarian Cancer ● Breast Cancer ● Hypersensitivity

John L. Hays, MD, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at Ohio State and a member of the Translational Therapeutics Program at the OSUCCC – James. His research focuses on using proteomics-based approaches to determine functionally significant signaling nodes within the tumor and its microenvironment using in vitro-based cell culture and co-culture systems.

His work has led to the identification of several phosphorylated signaling proteins that are important across multiple ovarian cancer cell lines.

Dr. Hays has co-authored a number of articles that have appeared in such well-respected publications as the Journal of Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, Journal of Biological Chemistry and Journal of Proteomics. He has also shared his work in several presentations to organizations, including the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.


  • MD, University of Texas Medical Branch

    Galveston, TX (USA)

  • Fellowship, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health


  • Internal Medicine Internship

    Wake Forest University

    Winston-Salem, NC (USA)

  • Residency Internal Medicine

    Wake Forest University

    Winston-Salem, NC (USA)


  • Fellowship Medical Oncology Branch

    National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health

Office Location

Starling Loving Hall

320 W 10th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210



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