Cruz-Monserrate Lab

The Cruz-Monserrate laboratory is interested in understanding molecular mechanisms in the development of pancreatic cancer. The lab studies the roles of obesity, diet and exercise in the initiation, progression and prevention of this disease. Researchers in this lab use a combination of in vitro and in vivo approaches to model pancreatic cancer in an effort to develop preventive strategies and discover biomarkers for early detection.


  • Niharika Badi, MS – Research Associate 1-B/H
  • Samantha Hazelett, MS – Research Associate 1-B/H

Graduate Research Assistant

  • Valentina Pita, MS – University Fellow (OSU)

Undergraduate Students

  • Pelotonia Research Fellows

    • Ali Lahooti – Senior (Biology)
    • Kelly Dubay – Senior (Neuroscience)
  • Research Volunteers

    • Sabrina Kaul – Junior (Biology)
    • Ila Lahooti – Sophomore (Chemistry)
    • Olivia Ueltsch – Sophomore (Biology)

Medical Student

  • Olivia Crowe, BS – M2, MDSRS Fellow

Contact Us

Cruz-Monserrate Lab
1024 Wiseman Hall
400 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210


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