Ohio State Researchers Studying Pancreatic Cancer Prevention

Ohio State researchers are examining the link between pancreatic cancer and obesity, which could lead to better personalized treatment for patients.

Cases of obesity are rising across the world, as are diagnoses of pancreatic cancer. While obesity is already a known risk factor for this particularly deadly type of cancer, researchers at Ohio State are working to gain a better understanding of the link in order to determine if patients who develop pancreatic cancer because they are obese could respond better to certain therapies.

The study could also lead to better preventative measures, helping at-risk patients avoid developing pancreatic cancer in the first place, says the OSUCCC – James’ Zobeida Cruz-Monserrate, PhD.

“We are trying to understand how weight management – either by a changing diet or increasing physical activity – might reduce the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, specifically in patients that are at high risk of developing this disease, such as patients with chronic pancreatitis, diabetes and pancreatic cysts.”