Professional Student Pelotonia Fellowship Program

The Pelotonia Professional Student Fellowship Program provides one-year research fellowships for up to two of the best and brightest Ohio State professional (medical, dental, pharmacy) students who want to help cure cancer.

Many professional students have experience with research in some way on a part-time basis.

The goal of the Pelotonia Professional Student Fellowship Program is to expose professional students to the benefits of full-time research by allowing them to take one year off from their professional program to do a concentrated research experience. During this year, professional students have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the field of cancer research and to develop and work on their own independent projects.

Past professional students have contributed greatly to the field of cancer research by presenting their research at national meetings and publishing their work in high-impact journals. Additionally, several Pelotonia professional students have gone on to pursue cancer research full time and are working on dual MD and PhD degrees.

Applications accepted January 15, 2019 through February 15, 2019

Professional Student Application Eligibility and Scoring Criteria

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Marie Gibbons

Pelotonia Fellowship Manager

Phone: 614-685-1960