Director: Soledad Fernandez, PhD
Associate Director:  Kevin Coombes, PhD

The Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR) provides expertise in the biostatistical design and analysis of clinical, basic and population-based research.

BSR services enable OSUCCC – James researchers to collaborate on all aspects of experimental design; grant proposal development; data management and statistical analysis of clinical, epidemiological, public-health and laboratory research data; and manuscript preparation.

BSR assistance in proposal preparation has resulted in funded biostatistics support for new and renewed programmatic grants and a large number of R awards. BSR members obtain grant funding predominantly through collaboration with OSUCCC investigators and most have developed long-term collaborative relationships.

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The BSR is staffed by members of Ohio State’s Center for Biostatistics, the Division of Biostatistics in the College of Public Health and the Division of Human Genetics in the College of Medicine.

Population Studies:

  • Erinn Hade, PhD: Adaptive Designs, Propensity Score Methods for Causal Inference in Observational Studies, Missing Data Sensitivity Analysis
  • Mahmoud Abdel-Rasoul, MS, MPH: General Design and Planning, Linear and Nonlinear Models, Secondary Analysis for Clinical Studies
  • Greg Young, MS: Survival Analysis and Cox Regression, Group Randomized Trials
  • Amy Lehman, MAS: Laboratory Experiments Design and Planning, Design and Modeling of Large Longitudinal Data
  • Gary Phillips, MAS: Regression and Logistic Regression, Propensity Score Matching for Observational Studies
  • Kyle Porter, MAS: Bio-assays, Laboratory Experiments, Diagnostic Studies, General Study Design and Planning of Statistical Analysis
  • Nicole Brown, MS: General Design and Planning, Linear and Non-linear Regression Models
  • Juan Peng, MAS: Mixed Models for Longitudinal Data, Group Randomized Designs, Survey Sampling, Mediation Analysis

Phase I/II/III Clinical Trials:

  • Lai Wei, PhD: Adaptive Designs for Clinical Trials, Mixed Linear Models, GWAS, Linkage Analysis
  • Hueliang (Jeff) Pan, PhD: Design of Clinical Trials, Missing Data, Image Analysis and Mixed Linear Models
  • Ick Hoon Jin, PhD: Bayesian Designs for Clinical Trials, Spatial Binary Data Exponential Random Graph Models
  • Julie Stephens, MS: Clinical Trial Designs, Missing Data in Clinical Trials
  • Vedat Yildiz, MS: Linear and Non-Linear Regression Methods, Mixed Effect Models
  • Allison Wehr, MS: General Design and Planning, Non-parametric Methods, Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs

High Dimensional and Omics Data:

  • Lianbo Yu, PhD: Variance Smoothing and Hierarchical Modeling, Multiple Testing and Error Rate Control Methods, Biomarker Signature Discovery and Validation
  • Joseph McElroy, PhD: Genomic Profiling, Transcriptome and Data Visualization
  • Jianying Zhang, PhD: Biomarker Signature Studies, Biomarker Signature Discovery and Validation
  • Xiaokui (Molly) Mo, PhD, MAS: mRNA, miRNA, DNA methylation, metabolomics data analyses, Basic Research Experimental Design (in vitro, in vivo), Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA certified analyst)
  • Xiaoli Zhang, PhD, MAS: mRNAs, miRNAs, and Proteins, High Dimensional Data Reduction, Data Analysis, Bioassay Experimental Design, Basic Science Laboratory Experiments Design and Data Analysis

Statistical Genetics:

  • Daniel Kinnamon, PhD: All OSUCCC Programs

Soledad Fernandez, PhD, BSR director, manages and coordinates all services provided to OSUCCC members, and establishes unit policies and priorities. Dr. Fernandez is the director of the Center for Biostatistics and research associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Informatics, College of Medicine. She is the Biostatistics Director of four NCI P01 grants and a SPORE grant and serves as the director of the Biostatistics Program of Ohio State’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science. Dr. Fernandez has 14 years’ experience in collaborating with biomedical investigators on large studies, translational laboratory experiments and statistical genetics. Dr. Fernandez has been a part of the Ohio State community since 2001, serving as a visiting assistant professor in the Department of Statistics, where she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the area of mathematical statistics and regression analysis for the engineering sciences. Prior to joining the university community, Dr. Fernandez received a MS in Statistics in 1998 and a joint PhD in Statistics and Animal Breeding and Genetics in 2001 from Iowa State University. She works in the planning, design and preparation of large programmatic grant and other OSUCCC proposals, and mentors new biostatisticians. Dr. Fernandez also serves as a biostatistical reviewer for the CSRC. She is an expert in statistical genetics, as well as in basic science research support.

Kevin Coombes, PhD, BSR associate director, his research focuses on statistical, mathematical, and computational methods to process, analyze, and understand highly multivariate biological data arising from high throughput technologies. He is particularly interested in (1) methods that incorporate existing biological knowledge early in the analytical process and (2) methods that integrate diverse types of biological data with a view toward predicting clinically relevant patient outcomes. He is an expert in forensic bioinformatics. Prior to joining the university, Dr. Coombes was a faculty member at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, where he directed the Bioinformatics Shared Resource as part of their CCSG, and also directed or co-directed similar cores in multiple SPOREs and P01s. He has significant experience in reproducible research, procedures and processes for carefully documenting methods of data handling and statistical analysis and leads the research focus group for biomarker discovery and validation.

Mahmoud Abdel-Rasoul, MS, MPH, is an expert in linear models, longitudinal data analysis and secondary analysis for large clinical and observational studies. He is an expert on Women Health Initiative (WHI) data. He provides planning, design and analysis support to investigators in all the OSUCCC programs, and has established collaborations with investigators in the ET program.

Nicole Brown, MS, provides general design and planning support to investigators in all OSUCCC programs. She has expertise with high dimensional databases and complex modeling approaches. She has established collaborations with investigators in the ET program.

Erinn Hade, PhD, leads the Population Studies Program in the Center for Biostatistics. She supports clinical trial and observational study designs in all cancer research programs. In particular, Dr. Hade supports clinical trials, and survey and observational studies for the Cancer Control Program; two international breast cancer phase III clinical trials for the Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention Program; and clinical trial design for the Experimental Therapeutics Program. She is also an expert on WHI data and has developed collaborations within OSU and the Midwest region on WHI related projects and grants.

Daniel Kinnamon, PhD, human geneticist with a Master’s Degree in Biostatistics, joined Ohio State’s Department of Human Genetics in 2013. He works with OSUCCC investigators on hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes and uveal melanoma, and genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer projects. Dr. Kinnamon supports OSUCCC investigators in the MBCG and ET programs.

Amy Lehman, MAS, an expert in statistical modeling and programming, works with the Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics and Innate Immunity programs. For more than 12 years, Ms. Lehman has offered her expertise and support to cancer investigators.

Joseph McElroy, PhD, holds his PhD in Genetics. His areas of expertise are in analyses of genetics (SNP, haplotype, GxG, GxE) and high dimensional datasets, such as whole genome association studies, copy number variation, genomic sequence analysis (DNA-, RNA-, ChIP-, miR-seq), and RNA expression analysis. He supports investigators in the MBCG and ET programs.

Xiaokui (Molly) Mo, PhD, MAS, holds a doctorate in biochemistry and a Master of Applied Statistics degree. Her extensive experience in laboratory experimental design and measurement, which greatly enhances our communications with laboratory investigators. She assists laboratory investigators primarily in the OSUCCC – James MBCG, ET and Innate Immunity Programs.

Xueliang (Jeff) Pan, PhD, has strong collaborative relationships with investigators in MCC, ET and the Innate Immunity Programs and has provided leadership in preparing a P01 in chemoprevention. He supports clinical trial and observational study design for these and other OSUCCC programs, and has expertise in image analysis and linear mixed modeling. Dr. Pan is a biostatistical reviewer for the CSRC and a member of the DSM executive committee, which meets monthly to monitor AE reports for all Phase I/II clinical trials.

Juan Peng, MS, supports investigators with analysis for longitudinal data and hierarchical modeling. Her expertise is in mixed models, group randomized trials and mediation analysis. She supports investigators in the CC scientific program.

Gary Phillips, MAS, has expertise in large population studies design, logistic regression and linear mixed modeling. He provides support in planning, design, and analysis across all programs and presents statistical lectures to fellows and junior faculty in the OSUCCC – James.

Kyle Porter, MAS, provides database management and statistical programming and analysis support for all OSUCCC programs. He has expertise in non-linear mixed modeling, as well as bio-assay statistical design and analysis and modeling pharmacogenomics data. He has collaborations with investigators in the Experimental Therapeutics Program. His expertise is in non-linear mixed modeling and bioassay statistical design and analysis.

Julie Stephens, MS, provides planning, design and general analysis support and database management for all OSUCCC programs. She also analyzes data for the Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System in support of cancer research programs and for public health reports, including the American Cancer Society’s Facts & Figures. She is a biostatistical reviewer of the CSRC.

Allison Wehr, MS, provides general design, planning and statistical analysis support to all OSUCCC programs. She has expertise in adaptive clinical trials and is a biostatistical reviewer of the CSRC.

Lai Wei, PhD, leads the Clinical Trials Program in the Center for Biostatistics. She has expertise in modeling multiple measures over time and in statistical genetics. Her work includes re-estimation of sample size for time-to-event clinical trials and other adaptive clinical trial designs. Dr. Wei serves as a biostatistical reviewer for the CSRC and provides analysis and design support for Phase I/II clinical trials. She works with investigators in the ET, MBCG and IMM programs.

Vedat Yildiz, MS, has expertise in programming and statistical modeling techniques, mixed linear models and analysis of large population databases. He is a biostatistical reviewer of the CSRC and provides support to all OSUCCC programs.

Greg Young, MS, has expertise in survival analysis and linear models and provides design and analysis support for all programs of the OSUCCC. He plays a critical role in managing the complexities of data retrieval and management in the international breast cancer phase III clinical trials. An expert in outpatient clinical trials, specifically with data capture and management, he has also offered statistical lectures and journal club reviews for fellows and faculty in the OSUCCC. He has collaborations with investigators in the MCC and Cancer Control programs.

Lianbo Yu, PhD, leads the High Dimensional Data Program in the Center for Biostatistics. He is an expert in microarray statistical design and analysis, and other high dimensional designs. Dr. Yu develops innovative approaches in microarray analysis, yielding more reliable and transparent results than those from standard microarray methods. Dr. Yu’s Microarray Analysis team published a paper on normalization methods for micro-RNA data, and the group has developed robust smoothing and filtering methods for small sample microarray studies. Dr. Yu supports the MBCG, VO and IMM programs.

Jianying Zhang, PhD, supports microarray analysis and leads in visualization of high-dimensional data. Dr. Zhang provides design and analysis support to the MBCG, MCC, ET and IMM scientific programs.

Xiaoli Zhang, PhD, MS, has a strong background in molecular biology and biochemistry and extensive experience in planning and design of basic science experiments and in data analysis. She skillfully clarifies statistical challenges for investigators preparing grant proposals, and greatly enhances communication between investigators and biostatisticians, especially for P01 grants. Dr. Zhang collaborates on planning, design and measurement issues that arise during basic-science investigations and with microarray analysis primarily in the MBCG, ET and IMM ssientific programs. She leads the biostatistics core of the Discovery of Anticancer Agents of Diverse Natural Origin P01 (PI: Dr. Kinghorn).

Disease Group

Biostatistical Navigator(s)


Julie Stephens

Central Nervous System

Jeff Pan

Head & Neck

Nicole Brown


Erinn Hade & Amy Lehman


Jianying Zhang


Greg Young


Lai Wei


Lai Wei


Erinn Hade


Soledad Fernandez & Erinn Hade

Hematological malignancies:

Leukemia & Bone Marrow Transp.

                                Myeloma                    Lymphoma


Amy Stark

Erinn Hade

Lai Wei

Research Program

Biostatistical Navigator(s)

Translational Therapeutics

Lai Wei

Cancer Control

Greg Young & Erinn Hade

Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics

Lianbo Yu

Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention

Greg Young

Leukemia Research

Amy Stark

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