The goal of the International Pelotonia Internship Program is to move the field of cancer research forward by encouraging undergraduate students from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER-Pune) to work at The Ohio State University for a summer internship and for Ohio State students to work at IISER-Pune for a summer internship.

The students will focus on cancer research that is expected to be broad in range and include multiple disciplines.

IISER-Pune is one of five new elite institutions established by the Indian government to conduct frontline research and train the best young scientists. IISER-Pune has many faculty working on cancer research and has recently secured $3 million to develop the area of epigenetics.

The program is a reciprocal arrangement and will last for approximately 10 weeks:

  • For IISER-Pune students this will be 10 weeks in May through July.
  • For OSU students this will be 10 weeks in mid-June through mid September.

The overlaps will allow for interactions with international peers.

Project expectations will be defined to ensure maximum impact for the research project, student training and the development of cordial international ties between OSU and IISER-Pune.

  • Students will be expected to work fulltime during the internship.
  • Mentors will be expected to work actively with the student to achieve scientific goals.
  • Students will make a poster describing the scientific work to be presented at both institutions.
  • Students will make an additional poster describing cultural aspects of the host country to document their experience of living and working at an international site.

IISER-Pune undergraduate students are in the top 1 percent of Indian students in terms of academic qualifications. The curriculum at IISER-Pune integrates teaching and research. The undergraduates receive interdisciplinary training in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics for two years before they select a major area of study. Students will already have research experience. 

These students will be selected by a committee that includes members from IISER-Pune and Ohio State. They will be selected based on research experience, academic record and other criteria deemed important by the selection committee. Ideally, they will be selected by January so all appropriate visa, travel, health insurance and boarding arrangements can be made.

Ohio State undergraduate students will also be selected through a competitive process administered by the Pelotonia Fellowship Program based on similar criteria established by a selection committee administered by the Pelotonia Fellowship Program. Ideally, these students will be selected by March so all appropriate visa, travel, health insurance and boarding arrangements can be made.

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